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Competitive and affordable pricing


Confidence that your requests will be followed through


24-hour availability for emergencies


Personalized Manager or Supervisor on Duty

Advantages in working with J.J. Global Services are

Our objective is to provide our clients with personal services tailored to their specific needs at reasonable rates.  We perform on the premise of “working smarter, not harder” by providing professional training to our employees on the latest products available and the use of equipment, conducting safety meetings, and continuously seeking advanced technologically, efficient and earth-friendly cleaning, maintenance and construction equipment, to perform resourcefully to meet our client’s needs.

J.J. Global Services promise:  We are committed to the service we provide.  We take pride in our work and acknowledge responsibility for the planning, process and outcome of every aspect of our work.

To provide our customers savings and value by reducing costs, improving quality and by being conscientious of eco-friendly impacts of products or services to the world around us.  To take hold of opportunities to grow, expand, challenge, nurture, enhance and produce consistently attractive returns for the company and its employees

The Objective

This proposal will outline JJ Global’s exceptional advantage in providing effective services, which we believe will not only be advantageous to your establishment but will also provide the best value of integrated solutions.

We consider incident and injury prevention of prime importance to the well-being of our employees, the protection of property and the efficiency of our operations. JJ Global Services endeavors to take every safety precaution when executing each aspect identified in our scope of work. To add, we communicate and emphasize these requirements at every level of our organization.

Some of our most impressive work can be evidenced at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport, The Micronesia Mall and the Hard Rock Café. We continuously demonstrate our ability to pay close attention to details, follow customer custom-made schedules and to deliver sharp results.

JJ Global is Guam based, Small Business certified (8a) business which has proven experience in providing janitorial services. We have and continue to service many prominent businesses on island for a number of years. We intend to provide the highest level of performance, accountability and quality service. We intend to demonstrate our ability to 1) anticipate and creatively resolve developing requirements; 2) respond to day-to-day challenges by “thinking on our feet” to offer solutions that are efficient within our organization; and 3) deliver on our commitments. We are trusted by our customers because we deliver.

Our Management team consists of well qualified, skilled and energetic professionals who understand the foundation for how we operate and that a well-planned and systematic approach combined with a timely resolution to any unforeseen challenges are crucial to achieving the overall objective – “Quality Customer Satisfaction.”

Our corporate experience in all facets of janitorial services and maintenance reveals our commitment to safety, quality and superior performance. Our experience brings a comprehensive understanding that your requirements will be met on schedule with no risk at the start-up and transition. It is our intent to provide you with the best overall package of service features, expertise and results.